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Indian law makers are family breakers

Indian law makers are family breakers

1) Marriages are breaking up? Blame Men, extort them. 2) Families are being destroyed? Blame Men, extort them. 3) Materialism is increasing? Blame Men, extort them. It is increasingly becoming a social tendency to have laws, social structures and provisions in place which make it convenient to blame men for every social problem and also consider it politically correct to [...]

Government of India responsible to break Indian stable family system

Government of India responsible to break Indian stable family system

    The Indian government and publicity hungry feminists (Krishan Tirath, Renuka Chaudhary, et al) are hell bent on destroying the Indian family system. Aesops fables teach us a lot, below is a very beautiful story, as to why the feminists are hell bent on destroying the Indian family system. Its shame on our Govt who is provoking women, housewives [...]

Rahul Gandhi Why you said , Women are smarter than men ? for women votes ?

Rahul Gandhi,you did the publicity stunt very well but unfortunately,it backfired.You said women are smarter than men for women votes.However,it’s a scientific fact that men on average are smarter than women(Proof: http://goo.gl/4df4eU).You apparently don’t have the guts to say the truth to us, Indians and why do you think that you can be the next prime minister? Moreover,you must understand [...]

Financially stable wife can’t claim maintenance: Bombay high court

Only a wife with no sufficient source of permanent income can claim maintenance from her husband, the Bombay high court has ruled. A division bench of Justice Vijaya Kapse-Tahilramani and Justice P N Deshmukh rejected an application by an Andheri resident, Sheela Sharma (61), who had sought Rs 15,000 as monthly maintenance from her husband, Nitin Sharma, who is based [...]

PRESS RELEASE: SIFF upholds decision by male pilots for safeguards against false sexual harassment charges

Save Indian Family Foundation, an NGO working for men’s rights, upholds a move by many male pilots of prominent airlines wherein the male pilots are not allowing female air hostesses inside the cockpit fearing false charges of groping, molestation and sexual harassment being leveled against the male pilots. As per the news below, male pilots are not allowing female air [...]

India to have NO MAN’s Land soon….

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Ooh! Womania in India..!

Ooh! Womania in India..!

Women & Child Development minister Smt. Krishna Tirath said in the media that she want to get a study conducted to find out what kind of harassment of males is prevalent and to what extent at workplaces, though till now only the harassment suffered by the women has been spoken about. Minister has completely ignored National Crime Records Bureau of MHA, [...]

Fools in Media think Demonising Indian Men will Reduce Crime.

The Male Gender is the disposable gender. Men are expected to be tough, strong and offer their bodies as cannon fodder during wars. The main male role expected by society is that of a “Violent Protector” or “Killer-Protector”. A section of Indian media went to the extent of calling for genital mutilation and implementation of Medieval Taliban Style executions for [...]

Ignorant Man invites his own death due to too much trust on women

Men live life with arrogance and denial of their vulnerabilities. They think all women are innocent and good in nature, while most other men are perverts with a lot of negative qualities. Such thinking of men sometimes puts them in grave dangers as they fail to see the warning signs and become too trusting and pay with their own life [...]

Women want Rich Husbands, not Careers

A study by London School of Economics, shows that most women want rich husbands, not careers. It is a direct slap on the face of all feminists, who claim that there is a glass ceiling in corporate world and in politics, when the reality is that majority of young women make “safe and comfortable” choices for their future lives. Feminists [...]