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Modern day mother’s – Are They Biggest Enemy of the Children?

We are always used to the concept of Mother as the biggest protector of their children. A mother can even shred her life to protect her children in a blink of eye. She can sacrifice anything and everything for the happiness and well being of her child. Well these used to be the truth. And […]

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Western media degrades people of India for just a few incidents of rape – Article by Mr. Anil Kumar

Recently, India’s Finance Minister spoke about the loss of a couple billion dollars in tourist revenue due to the relentless propaganda in the media about rapes in India. The media certainly played an anarchic role here, forgetting that millions of poor people in India rely on the tourist industry to survive. Last month, India put a space […]

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List of people and organisations that have indulged in anti-male activities

There are several people and organisationsNGOs that have worked for discrimination of men by promoting anti-male policies. Here is the list below: List of Individuals, who have perpetrated misandry (hatred against males): Renuka Choudhury, Congress Party Spokesperson. Shabana Azmi, Actress Neha Dupia, Actress Amir Khan, Actor P. Chidambram, Union Minister  Veerappa Moily, Union Minister Salman […]

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Aamir Khan’s hypocrisy and half truths in Satyameva Jayate.

In the latest episode of a Sunday prime time TV program called “Satyameva Jayate”, actor Aamir Khan perpetrated very serious gender stereotypes, “all women are victims and all men are aggressors” and only women face domestic violence. Satyameva Jayate means “Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood”. Now, falsehood also means lies that are known as “half […]

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Court Judgements

Wife restrained from visiting Husbands office: Delhi HC

THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI % Judgment Pronounced on: 15.12.2010 + CS(OS) No.1772/2010 GAURAV GUPTA .. Plaintiff – versus – NIDHI BANSAL AND ORS. ….. Defendants Advocates who appeared in this case: For the Plaintiff: Ms.Geeta Luthra, Sr.Advocate with Mr.Jatin Sehgal, Advocate. For the Defendants: Mr.Shiv Charan Garg, Advocate. CORAM:- HON’BLE MR […]

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Charge wife and family for giving dowry-Rohini Court Delhi

IN THE COURT OF Dr. KAMINI LAU ASJ-II, NORTH WEST DISTT. ROHINI: DELHI Crl. Revision No. 354/09 Uma Devi W/o Sh. Sunil Garg, D/o Sh. Jai Kumar, R/o C-451/9, Chandra Quarters, Rampura, Delhi-35. Presently residing at T/367/29, Onkar Nagar-B, Tri Nagar, Delhi-35. VERSUS 1. Sunil Garg S/o Sh. S. C. Garg, R/o 30, Rajdhani Enclave, […]

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Delhi HC – ‘Live-in relationship’ is a walk-in and walk-out relationship

IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI Date of Reserve: July 12, 2010 Date of Order: 9th August, 2010 Crl.M.C.No. 299/2009 09.08.2010 Alok Kumar … Petitioner Through: Mr. Ajay Burman, Mr. Anwesh Madhukar, and Mr. Rajesh Samanotra, Advocate Versus State & Anr. … Respondents Through: Mr. Sunil Sharma, APP for the State Mr. […]

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Allahabad HC: Arrest of husband in harassment of wife only in serious cases

CRIMINAL MISC. WRIT PETITION No. – 3322 of 2010 Petitioner :- Sanjeev Kumar & Others Respondent :- State Of U.P. & Others Petitioner Counsel :- P.N. Gangwar Respondent Counsel :- Govt. Advocate Hon’ble Amar Saran,J. Hon’ble Shyam Shankar Tiwari,J. Heard learned counsel for the petitioners and learned Additional Government Advocate. Admit.

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Open Letters

Wake up call for Indian Men: Government prepares law to destroy Indian Men

By citing some extreme cases of rape and murder, and relying on hyper media sensitivity and giving in to public emotion, the Indian Government and women organizations are on process to change the Present Rape law, as a knee-jerk reaction as mentioned below : (Present punishment for rape is minimum 7 years and maximum life […]

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Open Letter to the Law Commission of India for amendment of Section 498A

To Dr. Brahm A. Agrawal, Member Secretary LAW COMMISSION OF INDIA, 2nd Floor, The Indian Law Institute Building (Opp. to Supreme Court), Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi – 110 001. Sub: Open Letter to the Law Commission of India about amendment of Section 498A Respected Sir, I would like to highlight certain perspectives about Section 498A which are very essential […]

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Opposing Renuka Chaudhary as Rajya Sabha Member

To, Padmabhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi President, Prajarajyam Party Respected Sir, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), is a non-profit non-funded organization, involved in creating awareness about rampant family-breaking happening in India due to abuse of husbands and their families in various false cases under Section 498A of the IPC, the Domestic Violence Act, Section 125 CrPC, etc.

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SIFF opposes Renuka Chaudhary as Rajya Sabha Member

  To, Padmabhushan Dr. Chiranjeevi President, Prajarajyam Party   Sub: Open letter opposing support to Congress Party for fielding Renuka Choudhary Respected Sir, Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), is a non-profit non-funded organization, involved in creating awareness about rampant family-breaking happening in India due to abuse of husbands and their families in various false cases […]

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More men committed suicide in India than women: Report

NEW DELHI: India reported 122,637 suicides last year — an average of 336 every day — with more men ending their lives than women, the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has revealed. Although suicide was a nationwide phenomenon, five states — Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka — […]

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Domestic Violence claims 156,000 husbands

In the last eleven years (1996 – 2007) 156000 husbands have been claimed by rampant domestic violence against them. In a shocking revelation of suicide statistics for the year 2007 reveals that almost double the number of married men have committed suicide in comparison to married women as the report attached here corroborates. It states […]

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Thesis on Dowry Law misuse by IIM Bangalore Graduates

A study on the Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 was done as a law project by a couple of graduates of the esteemed management school, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Some excerpts of the same: Dowry is derived from the ancient Hindu custom of “kanyadan”, where the father presents his daughter jewelry and clothes at the […]

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Domestic Violence against men prevalent, finds Survey

Domestic Violence against men is as prevalent as domestic violence against women. Survey finds male abuse approval

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Other Recent Posts

A misdirected movement called “Feminism”

| November 10, 2014

What started as a movement seeking equal rights for women, Feminism has now become an organized tool to harass men, spread misandry, draw undue favors from the Govt. and fulfill unreasonable demands in the name of women equality. The term has become synonymous to ‘dictatorship’ whereby feminists are enforcing hypocrisy and promoting self-dictated definitions of […]

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A vulnerable Father

| October 26, 2014

A vulnerable Father, it might sound a bit of Oxymoron, Since by the word Father one would imagine a person who can protect and take care his children. Than how come a person who can protect and take care of ones children can be vulnerable? If the person is vulnerable than how is he going […]

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“Fathers’ Rights” in India – Time to break the judicial prejudices

| October 25, 2014

Talking about “Fathers’ Rights” in India raises lot of surprised eyebrows as people are completely oblivious of such a term existing in our social system. However with the rampant increase in no. of divorces/separations in India there is an importunate need to not only spread awareness about this ‘not-so-talked-about’ subject but also urge the Indian […]

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